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High Quality of Life

At the Olympic Games 2016, The Netherlands reached for #11 in the list of best medal winners. Consider now that the total population of our country is smaller than that of many cities worldwide, like Shanghai, Seoul or the New York area. This sportive achievement says something about our country. Holland gives the majority of its people the means and the freedom to literally move on. Children play safely in the streets. Traffic is safe as well, the Dutch feel no harm in letting their smaller children get the bike and get to school. From the center of every city, green space is just a few minutes’ walk or drive away. This goes for The Hague in particular, as this city has dunes and 11 kilometres of beach. So, although you may come to work here, you could bear these figures in mind:

  • The Hague has wide-open fields, lots of parcs and woodland
  • Hundreds of clubs for any kind of sport or leisure
  • All kinds of theatres and cinema’s

The Netherlands ranks number 3 in an OECD report on life satisfaction in the developed world, with a life satisfaction score of 7,5.

Keep up the good work

Over here in The Hague, productivity is high. This is because people in our country are encouraged to have a good balance between work, leisure and private life. Flexible working hours and working part-time lead to a happy work force. And driving to work and home by bike keeps people healthy. On top of that The Hague is an affordable city to live compared to other cosmopolitan cities in Europe.  

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Reneé Hammersley
Marketing & Communications Manager